The Coffee Lovers BOX includes:

- Double wall stainless steel french press

Capacity: 350ml / 12oz

Finish: Mirror plishing surface

- Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Kettle

Capacity: 16oz / 500ml

Finish: Mirror plishing surface, matt inside

- Airtight stainless steel canister with CO2 valve

Finishing: matt polishing

- 2 Double wall stainless steel cup

Capacity: 300ml

Finish: Mirror polishing 

- Vacuum travel cup

Capacity: 350ml

Finish: matt polishing

- Glass canister

Capacity: 40oz

Finish: matt polishing

- Manual Coffee Grinder

Capacity: 40g

Finish: Mirror plishing surface


- Our 8 Signature Coffee

Origin: India - organic & ethical selection

250g / oz

No. 8 Signature Coffee | Iced Coffee: Notes of Nuts, Biscuit, Chocolate, Almond & Mandarin with medium acidity.

No. 7 Signature Coffee | Long Black Coffee: Notes of Black Pepper, Black Cherry & Plum with a full body. 

No. 6 Signature Coffee | French Press: Notes of Dark chocolate, nuts and grapefruit with a light body.

No. 5 Signature Coffee | Fruity Cappuccino: Notes of Cherry and Plum with medium body.

No. 4 Signature Coffee | Cocoa Cappuccino: Notes of Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut and Cocoa with medium body.

No. 3 Signature Coffee | Caramelly Espresso: Notes of Flower and Caramel with vibrant acidity.

No. 2 Signature Coffee | Nutty Espresso: Notes of Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut with vibrant acidity.

No. 1 Signature Coffee: Notes of Spices, Honey, and Jackfruit with vibrant acidity.


Coffee Lover BOX